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Sunday, March 25, 2012

: PRODUCT LAUNCH, an affiliate program AND lots of rad prizes :

thats a long title, right?
thats because i have so much fun information to share with you!
[and if you are here for 'ask a vegan' ; it will be here tomorrow ;)]

so lets talk about the big announcement.
one day, i was having coffee & a cupcake with a [new] friend and she said 'honestly, i dont know what 'organic' or 'vegan' means. what can you eat?!' so we talked about it. and as i was riding home, i thought, ''vegan' is a buzz word for a lot of folks, but so many of them dont quite know what it means.' 'i should create something that educates folks. it cant be scary, overwhelming or expensive. i should show them how to eat well without asking // expecting them to give up all of the foods they love.'

and *BAM* ; the 3-Day A Week Vegan E-book was born!!!
[i am so excited, right now!!!]

what is it?
the 3-day a week vegan is a 35-page e-cookbook. there are 30 easy, tasty and affordable meals ; breakfast, lunch, dinner, sides & dessert! one of my favorite things about this book is that ALL of these meals are easy to make. all ingredients are REAL food [no 'faux' sausage or things you have never heard of]. these items can be bought in both small town grocery stores and 'big city' co-ops. each recipe comes with a color photograph. there is a table of contents at the beginning of the book & a printable shopping list at the end.

why was it created?
my 'ask a vegan' series has gotten a lot of really great feedback from folks. a lot of the people reading the series & using the recipes posted on the blog are people that eat meat & dairy. this book was created as a simple way to add a few more grains, fruits and veggies to your diet without feeling like you are being pressured to change the way you eat. and selfishly, it was created as a way to show that you can eat veggies & grains and still have enough energy to work hard & be strong ;)

how do i get this book?
well, its an e-book, which means that you can purchase it as a PDF right here. OR if you are a kindle user, you can buy it here. OR if you have a nook ; you can purchase it from the b&n store right here. coming soon!

how much will it cost me?
the e-book will cost you $14. $1 from EVERY book sold will be donated to charity. [the first $100 dollars made [from selling 100 e-books] will be donated to charity : water.] stay tuned to hear where the second $100 will go ;)

wait ; isnt $14 a bit much? 
it isnt & here is where the affiliate program comes into play. [plus, $1 is headed straight to charity!]
i am looking for some great folks [YOU!] to help me sell this book.
well, you put one of these rad buttons on your blog with its own unique code.
[dont add the buttons now ; they arent linked!]


when one of your readers clicks on the button and purchases the book, you make money from each sale [$4 per sale]. at the end of each month, i will tally up your sales & send you a [pay pal // e-check] payment.
thats it. there is no catch. no crazy fine print. you tell me you want to be an affiliate & i send you a button with the code.
interested in being an affiliate?
shoot me an email [dianapant[at]gmail[dot]com]

diana, i dont have a blog BUT i would like to be an affiliate!
high-five! when you refer a friend // family member // stranger at the bank to the book, make sure they say 'hey [your name here] told me about this book at the bank,' when they are checking out. at the end of the month, i will count your referrals & send you your $$!

in the title, you said 'rad prizes' ; what does that mean?
since this book is all about eating great food [&not animals], i thought it would be fun to share the love and give away a few of my favorite VEGAN products.

for every 25 sales ; i will be giving away a 'prize pack' full of things i love.
[no need to enter or any of that ; your name will automatically go into a hat when you purchase & after 25 sales, i will pick [and contact] the winner]

i have SO many things planned for the prize packs, but here are a few of my faves :

AND, once i hit a milestone [its a secret #] ; one reader will win a vegan cheesecake from here. [uh, HELLO!] 

thats a lot of info, yeah?!
have a question? leave it in the comments!
ready to buy?
PDF // kindle // nook [soon]
and dont forget : send me an email if you are interested in being an affiliate!

thanks so much, everybody!!