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ask a vegan

what is 'ask a vegan?'
well, its a blog series started february 2012.
readers ask me questions about veganism.
and i will do my best to answer them with creative resources and personal tips.

i have been vegan for 2+ years now and have gotten a ton of questions.
i think that folks are curious about veganism, even if they aren't planning on cutting out meat/dairy from their diets.

this will be the landing page for all questions and answers.

ask a vegan topics // questions // answers : 

what do you want to know about being vegan?
dont be shy!
want to know what in the world a vegan eats? social issues? online resources? where to find products? how the heck to afford them?

send me an email at dianapantz[at]gmail[dot]com with your question and i will feature your answer in an upcoming post!!