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Sunday, April 15, 2012

: ask a vegan : week 10 : the accidental vegan : popular food & snacks that ARE vegan :

happy sunday!
todays post is short & sweet [mostly pictures!] ; but it is totally worth looking over.

one of the common misconceptions [that i hope i am breaking on my blog!] about veganism is that to be vegan, you have to eat sad salads and fake meat day in & day out.
also, i think folks believe that cutting out meat & dairy and adding fruits & veggies is much more expensive ; which is also not true. [you give me a few reusable bags + a $100 bill & i will buy SO many [healthy] groceries ;)]

i was surprised to find how many traditional foods are actually vegan.
[note : i am not saying these foods are great for you OR that their companies follow sustainable practices, BUT i am showing you foods you may already have at home that are totally vegan!]

PETA has a HUGE list of popular foods that are vegan. here
also, i found this list that covers all fast food chains & their vegan // vegetarian options

below are a few vegan foods that surprised me : 

the gel is plant-derived!

 not real bacon!

we eat newmans own o's ; but mint oreos [from the freezer] are still one of my faves!

here are a few others that surprised me as well : 
*sour patch kids
*staceys pita chips
*swedish fish
*hersheys shell topping
*smuckers marshmallow icecream topping
*kashi garden vegetable pasta

which one is the most surprising to you?!
i definitely thought that all jello [gelatin & puddings] contained gelatin!

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and tomorrow, i am sharing the vegan version of my favorite girl scout cookie!!