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Saturday, April 14, 2012

5 simple tips for bloggers

happy saturday!
what are you doing this weekend?
i had big plans for the weekend ; but right this second, i am not feeling well, so i might be laying in bed & catching up on reading all weekend.

as bloggers, we are all constantly trying to get better, right? trying to learn more. trying to make more connections. attempting to become a bigger part of this great community. thats you, right?

either way, i have 5 *super* simple tips to help you grow your blog, connect with your readers and help you stand out a bit more.

1) no music!
you want a music player on your blog? thats fine ; but give us the option to hit 'play'. its distracting when i am listing to the backstreet boys // at the coffee shop // watching netflix and your music is blaring through my speakers. if there is loud music on your blog ; i have a hard time focusing on your content.

2) take good photos and use them!
i like to include at least a few photos in each post ; it helps break up all the words & also helps the reader connect with my& my topic. so many bloggers are visual learners, so looking at quality photos makes a huge difference

i [and your readers] are at your blog because we want to learn more about you. it is hard to do that when photos are blurry, too dark or super small. i know that not everyone has a slr camera [heck, i just got mine two months ago!], but make sure you are taking clear photos in good light. it helps us 'feel' your topic. and make the photos as large as your formatting will allow.

3) remember that 'being honest & open' is NOT the same as 'complaining & unloading.'
i know a lot of bloggers [myself included] who would rather share fun photos, cute date-nights and new projects than share their adult acne, messy apartment or body image struggles BUT there is something to be said in opening up and being honest. it is OKAY to have a hard day and share about your struggles every once in a while BUT if you spend too much time complaining about your [great!] life, you will isolate readers & people will stop coming to your blog.

i think this is where a lot of bloggers can get into trouble. it is okay to have a silly post, BUT the majority of your posts should be something we can learn from. how do you dress for your [curvy] body? how can i save money on grocery shopping? give me a few fun and easy projects i can do with my friends.
remember that people are busy. if you want folks to take time out of their crazy schedule to read your blog, be sure they leave having learned something

5) interact!
this one is SO important. when someone leaves you a comment ; comment back OR send an email [i like to email!]. also, when you get new followers ; check out their blog, send them an email, leave them a comment.

use social media! follow & tweet about your favorite blogs. see a cool post, a fun shop or a new [to you] blog? tweet or post on facebook about it.

if you want people to know you exist ; you have to put yourself out there.

what are your tips for improving your blog?
share with us below!