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Wednesday, April 11, 2012

: i totally want to make that : week 39 : first aid kit

happy wednesday!
excited for spring & summer, right?
[me too!]

spring & summer = lots & lots of time outdoors.
you know we love our bikes, right?

we have talked for a long time about creating first-aids kits to carry with us, but we havent done it yet.
well, today is the day!
they are affordable, easy to carry & can really come in handy if something would ever happen to us [or strangers] on the trail.

i had everything i needed on hand.
i am a big fan of coupons, clearance and free samples ; so this kit cost me less than $2 to make.
also, i put everything in a ziplock bag & will just keep it in my bike bag.
also, because we go for long distances, i didnt want anything *super* heavy weighing me down.

whats in my first-aid kit?

one : plastic gloves [in case of blood!] two : baby wipes three : lotion four : gauze five : anti-bacterial hand spray six : antiseptic seven : sweat wipes eight : solid sunscreen nine : kleenex ten : aspirin eleven : neosporin twelve : deep cleaning hand wipes thirteen : band-aids 

fourteen : emergency contact form fifteen : energy bar sixteen : spare change & $10 [not pictured]

easy, right?!
and so important. if you are a runner, parent, rollerblader or biker ; i highly suggest creating a small kit.
if you aren't carrying a backpack with you, put a few band aids & wipes in an old mints tin.