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Wednesday, April 25, 2012

: i totally want to make that : week 40 : camping edition :

happy wednesday, folks!
for blake & i, the warmer days, longer nights and mild temps mean a lot of camping & biking.
a couple of summers ago, we camped from portland, oregon to raleigh, north carolina.
most nights, we make fires [and vegan smores!]

last spring, we were camping in wisconsin & just couldnt get the kindling to light.
as we get closer to camping season [woo hoo!], i have been searching for 'greener' & easy tutorials for camping.

i found this great tutorial ; showing how to make fire starters.
you need : an egg carton [ask the grocery store for one, if you dont eat eggs ;)], old candles // crayons & dryer lint.
in the tutorial i found, the women created a double boiler to melt her wax ; i actually used a mini-bread pan in the oven at 250* & didnt worry about burning down our apartment.

i used 1 tea light candle & 8 crayons and you can see that only two of my starters are fully covered.
one more trip to the thrift store & i should be able to find another bag of crayons to finish this project.

are you a camper?
favorite place to camp for the night?