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Saturday, April 28, 2012

: project 365 : week 17 : biking & baseball

happy saturday, everybody!!
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last week, blake & i headed out on a fun little date night.
our bikes were still in the shop ; so we rented bikes & headed to a twins game [our 2nd of the season!]

i used my new lens [for the first time!] & wanted to share a few of my favorite photos of the evening [i took 120+!!]

minneapolis has a bike sharing program called 'nice ride'. you purchase a 24 hour [or monthly or yearly] pass & borrow a bike. you then take the bike to another bike sharing station somewhere else in town. minneapolis [and st paul] have hundreds of sharing stations, so its super easy to check in your bike [and to check-out another one]. we have a sharing station a mile from our place & theres another one a block away from the baseball stadium.

they are bright green [obviously!], super heavy [47 pounds!] and have 3 speeds. 

the light rail station goes directly to the stadium, too. we dont have a station anywhere near us, but i LOVE to see all the public transit! [and the folks that make an effort to NOT DRIVE!]

it was $1 dog night [blake had 3!!] mr. hot dog carries the wieners with him & then stops and delivers when you flag him down.

this is our third season with a new stadium & each time im there, i am so impressed with the clean lines & the 'eco-structure' 

we played the red sox. 
fun fact : i lived in vermont for a year ; so i took my mother to fenway park [in boston!] for a 2-game series twins vs sox.

lots of red & blue!

the views are great. i always feel very 'old minneapolis' when im at a game.

the sun starting to set

you can see the st. paul skyline ; so cool

babe the blue ox [paul bunyan was born here ;)] racing around the stadium

minnesota twins are named after two men ; minne & paul [get it? minneapolis + st. paul] our logo is the two men shaking hands over the mississippi river [which is what separates mpls & st paul] 
didnt know you were getting a geography lesson today, huh?
whenever there is a great play, the border of minnesota lights up and sparkles.

i have a *huge* crush on the guy on the left. they have both done concessions for the twins for a while now & they always have so much fun. they are silly & dancing in the isles. and the one on the left is a  total babe!

like all sports jerseys, you can get your twins jersey personalized. this random guy sat the next section over & i couldnt get over it.
baby jesus?! hahah

happy weekend, everybody!!

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