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Sunday, April 29, 2012

a rad GIVEAWAY & some delish vegan caramels :

happy sunday.
i havent done any giveaways for a few months & now in the past few weeks, i have done three.
[enter katherines notecard giveaway here]

when i first started this blog, i didnt share too many 'vegan things' because i didnt want to come off as snotty & pretentious. as my blog has grown, i am finding that people are actually interested in products that are better for their families, the planet & their bodies.

in the next few months, i will be sharing some lesser-known vegan // eco businesses that i really believe in. each & every company does something amazing to give back to the planet // environment & you know how much i love that ;)

if you have been around here for awhile, you know how important it is to blake & i to support small & local. as a small business myself, i know how much time & effort [and patience, money & sacrifice] it takes to create, build & grow a business.

so, when i stumbled upon ocd ; obsessive confection disorder [cute, right?!], i knew i had to contact their resident queen of kind ; melodi!
obsessive confection disorder makes vegan caramels FULL of flavor!
i read their 'about me' & got goosebumps. you can just  f e e l  their commitment & i just love that!

melodi agreed to send me some goodies to test out.
well, image my surprise [and the near-kiss i gave the mailman] when a huge box showed up with ALL of these goodies inside!!

 fudge, caramel 'not' corn, salted lollipop & 4 HUGE pieces [seriously, bigger than my hand] of caramels.

half of them didnt make the photo ;)
 chewy [and crunchy] caramel with gf pretzles

the fudge was my absolute fave!
chocolate, potato chips, coconut & pecans!

lavender, mojito [not in the shop right now], ipa [BEER!] & agave lime
blake loved the ipa & the agave lime was my favorite caramel.

i twisted all of the caramels to see how 'pliable & bendy' they were. 
lets be honest, i really just love playing with food!

i also got this cute little lollipop

if you are looking for a teacher // mothers day // hostess // wedding gift, ocd's goodies would be such a welcome treat.
head over to the shop & look around.
you can also connect with melodi on twitter!
[i really do recommend these products. owning a business is hard, but making the choice to support a business thats doing it right, isnt hard at all!]

on to the giveaway!
*the giveaway is only open to us folks ; sorry international peeps!*

melodi is giving away a delish mothers day gift pack.
whats in it?!

*fruit 'n flowers caramel [Bits of plum and citrus peel, rhubarb, assorted berries, roses, lavender, mint and patron citrus liqueur.]
*balsamic caramel w/heirloom tomato salt 
*chocolate almond shortbread
*all wrapped up in a flour sack dishtowel.
isn't this *so* fun!?!
enter below! good luck ;)
*disclaimer : melodi gifted me these tasty treats, & i meant everything i wrote ;)

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