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Tuesday, April 17, 2012

: small changes make a huge difference : what can you do to make the planet better? :

happy tuesday!
got your taxes sent in? [me too]

this is my tax prep all over the floor

if you have been following my blog for a while, or have been a customer, you know how important giving back is to me.
each month, i donate 5% of ALL proceeds to a different charity. blake & i then match that amount from our own pockets.
i never share this information to imply that i am better than someone else for giving. i share this with you, because i want you to know that it is possible. you can give any amount & it will make a difference. 
i dont have a lot of money. we dont go out to eat often. i have student debt. BUT each & every day, i try to do my part to be a better human.

this month, two of my april goals are [#8] pay it forward 2x & [#14] donate 5% of proceeds to charity:water.

in february, ashley [from the shine project], launched the 'pass it forward' program.
you purchase a card, do something nice & pass the card on. you go on the website, enter in number on the card & type out your act of kindness.
and the person you passed it onto will do the same. & so on & so forth. [and then the planet gets better]

last week, blake found a womens drivers license on the trail. so he picked it up & we sent it back to her [and included a pass it forward card]

we have 3 little free libraries in our neighborhood. you take a book, you leave a book. last week, i picked up two books. read one. and returned a different book with a card inside.

head over to the shine shop to grab a few cards!

also, 5% of all proceeds this month will go towards charity:water. [they provide wells, drilling equipment & clean water for folks in developing countries.]
one of my favorite things about charity:water, is that you can create your own campaign. you pick an occasion [your birthday, your wedding anniversary, just because] and you ask folks to support you [and a great cause]

for a while now, i have been following ericas weight loss journey through twitter [shes 3 pounds away from losing 100!!] & have been super inspired. in celebration of this huge milestone, she set up a charity:water campaign to raise $5,000! [so cool!]

wanna help her?!
head here to check out her campaign & donate directly.
OR purchase my '3-day a week vegan' e-cookbook'. $1 from each cookbook goes to her charity:water campaign. [so far, from the book sales, we have provided one child with safe drinking water for YEARS!]

small changes make such a HUGE difference.
tell us! 
will you purchase the shine cards? make a charity:water donation?
what small things do you do to make the universe better?!