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Thursday, April 19, 2012

: dianapantz & the terrible, horrible, no good, very bad sickness :

the title says it all.
on tuesday, i woke up and *BAM* massive stuffiness, lots and lots of sneezing, a fever & a gross head cold.
i very rarely get sick [maybe once a year?], so i am not very patient when i have to lay in bed for days.

for the last two years, i have been doing this really great craft fair in the winter. through the fair, i have met tami. she is a childrens librarian [my dream job] & creates soaps in her free time.
each year, we trade products ; i give her a scarf or two & she gives us bars [and bars!] of soaps. 
this year, she was telling me about her newest product ; eucalyptus & peppermint chest rub. its a natural alternative to vicks vapor rub.

i used it both tuesday & wednesday night & it worked like a dream. i put a little under my nose & some on my chest and felt great better. [anybody elses' mother make them put vicks on their feet & wear socks when they were a kid?]

tami doesnt have an online shop BUT if you are interested in the chest rub, leave me a comment or send an email & i will give you her contact info.
[also, the chest rub is $2 ; such a great deal and hello! no nasty chemicals!!]

 *this post isnt sponsored. i feel gross & this product helped me feel better.*

*there is a HUGE giveaway going on over at revolutionize her ; 20 prizes [you can win my e-book]

*and i am sharing a 7 veggie salad recipe from my e-book over on ericas blog today!

have a great day, everybody!