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Sunday, May 6, 2012

: graduation day! : & how to be proud! :

happy sunday, everybody!
todays 'ask a vegan' will move to next weekend.
because yesterday was a rad day for our family & i wanted to share!

my little sister graduated from college yesterday.

and i know that people graduate all the time & maybe its not a huge deal. but it is a huge deal.
college is a lot of work. and it takes a lot of time [uh, hellllo 4+ years!]

anyways, on my dads side [he has 6 siblings, who have 10 kids] sara & i are the ONLY siblings to have BOTH graduated college ; that is pretty cool.
our relationship with our dad has been pretty rough for most of our lives, but in the last 2 years things have *really* turned around [and thats pretty cool, too]

my family was there yesterday [there were 11 of us] & at one point, the president asked all the alumni to stand & be recognized [i graduated from the same school as my sister]. as i stood, my dad got really emotional & said that he was really proud to have 2 college graduates.

anyways, i think people have a hard time 'being proud'. we try to avoid it because we dont want to come off as 'show-off-y' or pompous, but today, i am SO proud of my sister [and myself]. we jumped some serious hurdles in our lives to be healthy, happy & have solid educations.

be proud!