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Thursday, May 24, 2012

the most beautiful kids book i have ever seen

hey everybody!
did you know that i have my teaching degree?
i have worked with kids for 11+ years & its one thing that i am super confident in.
most of my experience has been with toddlers. i LOVE working with toddlers. one of my favorite things about that age group? childrens books.

when i was a kid, my parents read to me all the time. i would like to think that all of the reading when i was a kid, translated into still loving books to this day. one of my favorite things to do is to curl up in bed & read a good book.

since blake & i have both worked with kids our entire adult lives, we both have a large collection of kids books.
last month, i stumbled upon this book & i was moved to tears [honestly ; so beautiful!]
of all the childrens books i have ever read [and there have been HUNDREDS+!], this might be the most amazing book ive ever seen.

my cute friend vanessa is having a baby any minute now & i wanted to send her a copy [and then i ordered an extra copy for blake & i]

the book?
its called 'when i was born' ; written by isabel madalena matoso. 
the book shares with children the amazing journey they have been on since they were born.

it talks about how, when they were born, they didn't know colors. or sounds. or their family.
the book goes on to share amazing illustrations & the feelings and experiences we can have with our senses.

i *highly* recommend this book ; regardless if you have children, want children, or have a friend // family member with a child.

so beautiful.
tell us : what is YOUR favorite childrens book?

find it here : amazon // powells
also ; the author doesnt know i exist & nobody is paying me for this post.