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Wednesday, May 23, 2012

guess who is having a baby?! : easy baby projects

haha. not me.
[honestly, i have NO DESIRE to ever be pregnant! adopt a couple kids? sure. but youll never see me with swollen ankles ;)]

anyways! right now, i have 5 friends that are pregnant. since i am the queen of not buying anything, i thought i would share a few cute tutorials i have found.

i am a HUGE fan of giving 'smart' gifts. gifts that dont cost a ton of money, dont have lots of wasteful packaging, educational & products that 'grow with' the babe // family.

i LOVE giving wooden toys, books & baby clothes.
my secret with baby clothes? i buy them secondhand ; either at a thrift store or garage sale. $5 at a garage sale can buy you SO many great products vs ONE cute baby hat at a retail box store.
also, since baby clothes are almost always gently worn, i never feel bad passing on clothes to my friends // family.

almost all of these tutorials are really easy to do. so, even if you dont know how to sew, these are for you!

homemade photo board book
*the tutorial says to use photoshop, but you can also use pic monkey*

how cute are these stacking rings?!
they are 'chewy' & have bright patterns for infants, stackable for toddlers & are great for size & counting for older toddlers // preschoolers

almost-no-sew t-shirt baby sandals

LOVE this idea. lots&lots of sensory items that cost next-to-nothing to make.
[and really, you probably have most of these items at home already]

you had a horse like this when you were a kid, right?
[i did]
i think i might make one for our apartment, just for fun.

a paper airplane mobile held up with a BIKE RIM
[this site also has 24 other easy-to-make mobiles]

or you can always purchase a super cute bow tie ;)

arent these fun?!
tell us : 
what do YOU give as baby gifts?
if you are a parent, what baby gifts do YOU hope for?

come back tomorrow.  i am sharing my *very favorite* kids book of all time.