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Wednesday, May 2, 2012

: new product sneak peak // ponytail scarf :

happy wednesday!
today, i have something fun to share!
usually, on wednesdays, i make a project that i found on the internet, BUT this week, i created something cute.
this saturday, my baby sister is graduating college [!!!] & i wanted to make a fun accessory for a dress i want to wear.

i had an old, old pillowcase i thrifted years ago & decided to cut it up. [arent the colors cute?!]

the whole project took me about 25 minutes [if you are a fast sewer & not watching biggest loser on netflix ; it will probably take less time!]

you could also make the scarf a bit longer & use it as a headband // turban & secure it with bobby pins. OR you can make a fun statement bracelet // cuff.

super fun & easy project!
IF i choose to wear the dress this weekend ; i will take better shots.

would you be interested in purchasing a ponytail scarf?!
look for them in the shop soon [and i am taking color & pattern recommendations]