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Tuesday, May 1, 2012

: may goals : & two new challenges :

may 1st!!
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i am doing things a bit different this time. i have big goals this month ; so if you want to see my april goals recap, head here to check it out.

i am excited for may! 
blake & i have had a lot of talks // meetings about where to take :dianapantz: & i feel great. ya know, i work from home. i am by myself most of the day & sometimes it gets a bit lonely & isolating. i have been working hard & figuring out how to get the most out of my life & goals, while still running a business i love. 
stay tuned for all of that ;)

below are my goals for this month!
in may, i want to : 

1) hit 500+ followers on twitter [im at 483]
2) participate in the 'smoothie a day' challenge 
want to participate with me? check out my 'smoothie' pinterest board. all this month, i will be making a smoothie, every day for a month in an effort to consume more fruits & veggies.

3) make a $______ profit // pay off $_____ on credit card // make a $_______ student loan payment
4) contact _____ consignment places
5) do a '30 day acne' challenge
somehow in the last few months, i have a developed *tons* of adult acne. its not something ive ever dealt with before & its been a bit frustrating. i will be trying these products, every day for a month to see if they live up to their claim. [fingers crossed]

6) read 6 books
7) get a haircut [its been 18+ months]
8) buy cycle shoes & bike shorts for our RAGBRAI ride
9) open 1 savings bond [my 2012 goal was to open 6 ; so far, i havent opened any]
10) do 2 pass it forwards
11) start & finish month 1 of RAGBRAI training & post a progress photo [RAGBRAI is a 7-day, 500 mile bike ride across iowa. we have 14 weeks to train & i am really hoping to train hard & change the composition of my body!]
12) volunteer 1x [we havent volunteered for the past couple months, which bums me out. BUT we already have our date & time scheduled for may!]
13) sell ___ e-books. purchase the pdf here // kindle here [also, you can purchase the pdf & load it on your nook & it works beautifully!]

what are you striving for in may? i would love to hear [or read] your goals!