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Friday, June 8, 2012

: minneapolis-pantz : exploring my city : week 1 :

hey everybody!
i am still participating in the 365  photo-a-day challenge BUT instead of recapping my weekly photos, i thought i would share a few photos of NEW places // events // discoveries we are making in minneapolis.

back in 2007, i lived in minneapolis for 18 months, but was in a [very!] different place in my life. i didnt enjoy the city the way i do now.
so, when i moved back & blake moved here in the fall of 2010, we have been keeping a long list of events & places we have wanted to explore & experience.

i thought this would be fun to share what we have been up to, plus a great way to document all the things we love about this city [and state!]

this week?
the midtown greenway! the greenway is a 5.5 mile biking // walking trail in south minneapolis. it connects the lakes to the light rail system. we use the greenway at least 3-5 times a week. the trails are smooth & totally isolated from cars.
the greenway connects to a bunch of trails that will take you to outer suburbs and hundreds of miles of other trails!

we dog sit for friends quite a bit & they live right on the greenway. so, along with biking the trails, we also love taking the dogs for long walks.

every couple of blocks, there is a bridge connecting the city streets. at one point, you can even walk underneath the interstate! the walking trail is clearly marked to keep dogs // strollers // runners safe from the bikers.

beautiful, sunny, spring days means THOUSANDS of bikers using the trails. the bike this [random] girl is riding is a 'nice ride' bike ; that means its part of a bike sharing program here in in the city. there are thousands of bikes at hundreds of sharing stations that anybody can use for the hour // day // afternoon.

because the trail is a bit secluded, there have been a handful of scary incidents that have happened at night. the greenway runs a program called 'trail watch'. they are a volunteer group of folks that patrol the greenway at night to keep everything safe. blake has been volunteering for a while, but i want to get in on it, too. this month, i will also start volunteering for the trail watch.

detailed signs like this are super useful for folks who are new to the trail. i know when i started riding, direction & 'rule' signs really helped me.

i love this shot. throughout the trail, there are community gardens, flowers & benches for sitting & breaking.

lots of photos + a long walk = a tired pup.

fun, right?
tell us : where do you live? how do you celebrate the seasons?
and do you live // use to live in minneapolis // minnesota?! 
what places would YOU like to see here?

enjoy your weekend!