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Sunday, June 10, 2012

: the HOT vegan man : ask a vegan : week 12 :

happy sunday!
i have taken SO many photos this weekend ; super excited to share later this week.

but today?
lets talk about men!
your man, to be exact.
or your dude-friends, family, strangers..

i have talked to a lot of folks that think veganism is mostly a 'girls' lifestyle.
beauty products, recipes // cookbooks & cute jewelry ; all for the women.
well, [obviously!] its not true.
there are TONS of smart vegan products meant for the [cute] men in your life.

and, what about the nutrition?
a lot of men think that eating a vegan diet will cause them to lose muscle & wont be able to allow them to reach their fitness goals.

so, today i am going to touch on :
1) cool clothing & accessories for your guy
2) man-beauty products that are great for the planet, animals & every day use
3) a few really great articles for the man that says 'i dont care what diana says ; no way a strong man can be vegan'

1) cool clothing & accessories

*does your guy rock the cotton t-shirts?
stay vocal has LOTS of cool [and affordable] shirts for the guys.
the coolest part? all the t-shirts are recycled! they are shirts that would have been thrown out!
i like this shirt [and the story behind it is awesome!]. and this one, too! follow stay vocal on twitter.

*binary winter has a bunch of rad eco-friendly & vegan t-shirts and ties [the ties are REALLY cool!].

*how about some non-silk ties from alternative apparel?

*this wallet is made from a recycled seat belt & old bike tubes. [hellllo!]

*want a more luxury wallet? these are sleek & classy.

2) man-beauty

*herban lifestyle man grooming kit is super cool. you get facial soap, shaving oil, aftershave & facial lotion.  

*bulldog has a great selection of shave lotion // face wash // moisturizer products.
follow them on twitter here. our co-op just started carrying these products. i smell a fun gift for blake.. [shhhh!]
also, their ingredient list display is *brilliant!*

3) tips & articles for strong men

*what is a vegan diet?! : great advice, famous vegans & beginners tips for changing up your diet. at the bottom of the page, there are TONS of related articles that are helpful.

*this is a great article ; the men's guide to going vegan.

*the vegan woman wants to give you some tips on how to convince you man to go vegan

*and this is a super long list of famous vegans. how many do YOU recognize?!

*the vegan man cave is a fun vegan blog ; men-centric. beer, burgers & smart food choices.

and remember, all of these tips & products are great even if you AREN'T vegan. 
baby steps will make the world a better place!
cheers, everybody!