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Friday, June 29, 2012

minneapolis-pantz : week 4 : how german can you get? : a visit to my hometown :

the title says it all.
we are gettin' all 'german' here on the blog, today.
so, my family is german. alllll the way down the line.
i mean it ; any german stereotype you have ; someone in my family probably fits it ;)
i grew up in a small-ish [14,000+] german town in southern minnesota.
its a 90 minute drive from our place & most of my family still lives there.
we decided to head down for a weekend & tour all of the amazing things i remember as a child.

*also, you will notice i have been putting big, obnoxious watermarks on all of my photos. i love when people want to share my photos, but please [please!] link back // cite me.
nobody likes a steal-er-pantz!

here we go! 
stop #1 in new ulm, minnesota :
the glockenspiel!

its a giant bell tower that plays a 15 minute show three times a day. 
under the clock are three german men playing instruments. underneath them, are 6 characters that rotate around when the music is playing [noon, 3pm & 5pm]

its right in the middle of town, so whenever the bells start tolling, there are always 10-20 people in the park listening // watching

stop #2 : 

the house has been replicated to look like the house from the 1860's, but houses like this are not uncommon in new ulm.

did you read this book when you were a kid? 
wanda wrote this, along with a bunch of others. she was born in 1914 & was extremely liberal for her time.
she believed in living together BEFORE marriage. she drank alcohol! and she believed in exercise.
[my type of gal!]
the tour of her home is fascinating. her father was a huge deal [artist & photographer] in the late 1800's & a lot of his work is still visible in new ulm today.

stop #3 : 
a rest stop in the park!
orange soda + cookies. 

the town is pretty small & traffic moves slow ; so its a great place to bike for the weekend.
there is a 10+ mile trail, as well.

we biked the trail & rode around town on the roads. the roads are pretty wide & nobody goes above 25mph.

stop #4 : 

the brew tour is $3. its an hour & you get 7 [!] beer samples, a full glass of your choice & a glass of 1919 root beer [made by the same company]

i grew up with my family drinking schells. 
the brewery sits on the original site, with a beautiful walking garden.

there are wild deer, peacocks, water fountains & lots of history.

fun, right?!
do you live near the town you grew up?
have you been back as an adult & toured around?!
you sure see places with different eyes as you grow up!