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Thursday, June 28, 2012

: my top 3 favorite smoothie recipes :

happy thursday!
in may, i decided to make a smoothie every day, for the entire month.
you can see my half-way point recap here.
i am still making smoothies most days [usually for breakfast and//or after a long ride]
today, i thought i would share a few of my favorite recipes!

1) berry smoothie found here. [she calls for yogurt ; i usually add a few ice cubes OR just stick to my almond milk]
ps : melissa is a mpls food blogger with a GREAT blog!

2) mango, pineapple, banana & orange smoothie found here.
again, this one calls for greek yogurt. i just take it out ; the fruits make it creamy, so you wont miss the dairy!
*this one is SO great!*

3) raw chocolate banana shake [this is my current FAVE!]
original recipe here // modifications made by me!

you need : 
*2 cups frozen bananas
*2 large spoonfuls of dark cocoa powder
*2-3 tablespoons of vegan nutella [cocoa almond spread!]
*1 1/2 cups sweetened almond milk
*2 tablespoons pure maple syrup
*couple shakes of cinnamon

how to do it : 
throw it all in & mix it all up!

i would LOVE to read // see // make your favorite smoothie recipe.
share with us below!!