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Saturday, July 14, 2012

: sunscreen & leg-shaving gel : those are fun things to blog about... :

happy saturday!
today, we have SO much going on!
we have cool people visiting us, a bootcamp workout, biking, baking, photos, and a super secret surprise im not ready to share yet ;)

today, i wanted to share two [super] affordable cruelty-free beauty products.
in the past, i have talked about how finding vegan products i can really stand behind has been a bit of a challenge for me.
well, now i have sunscreen & shaving gel taken care of.

earlier in the year, i won a 6-month subscription to good&lovely. they are a monthly mail-order service that brings a box full of goodies to your door. it coordinates with your cramps & period, so you have something fun [and conscious!] to look forward to.

i plan on doing a full post of some of my favorite boxes // products from good&lovely soon ; but today, lets talk about alba botanica!
do you know this company? 
their manifesto makes me happy!

i have used the shave gel up & will buy more soon. its thicker than the 'big brand' shave gel, so you might need to rinse out your razor a couple more times, but hello! no animal testing & good for the planet!

this sunscreen is really great. it smells sweet, isnt greasy & i love that its sweat-proof. [trust me, i sweat like crazy when we have been biking for a few hours!]

if you are looking to 'green-up' your medicine cabinet, i highly recommend this brand & both products.

what do you think?
are you willing to switch?! 

disclaimer : i was given a free 6-month subscription to good&lovely in a giveaway. none of the companies featured in the box asked me to do a review. i am sharing because this is a great [and easy] way to save animals & treat your body well!

have a great weekend!