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Wednesday, August 1, 2012

: august goals + july recap :

august = the 8th month!!
we have tons going on this month ; but i am determined to enjoy the rest of my summer before i head to work.
thats right ; work. i have two new jobs ; but will talk about all of that a bit later!

for june & july, we did SO much training for our bike ride, that i felt like we really missed out on a lot of the summer. well, not august ;) im going to enjoy it!

my july goals recap is here.

in august i want to : 
1) send a bunch of cute baby gifts ; i have 4 friends that are expecting!
2) read 3 books [seriously, i have been SO bad at this!]
3) do month 1 of insanity [yep, we are starting round 2!]
4) pay $______ on credit card // $______ on student loans
5) get a haircut!

6) register for the st. paul classic // minneapolis classic [both are bike rides in the cities!]
7) donate to kickstarter
8) a fun surprise gift for a friend
9) catch a minor-league baseball game
10) volunteer with trail watch 3-4x+
11) make something really cool [its still a surprise!]
12) pay for the person behind me 1x
13) ride on a sailboat

what are YOUR goals for the end of summer?!