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Thursday, August 2, 2012

your bike needs love, too! : an orontas review

hey, everybody!
you know i love biking, right?

one thing i havent talked about yet is WHAT you need to take care of your bike.
simple bike maintenance is super important for the life & 'wellness' of your bike. a low tire, an un-greased chain or a low brake pad can really run down your bike [and can also be potentially dangerous]

along with loving bikes, you know i love the planet. blake & i try our very best to ONLY support local, smart, and/or responsible companies. 
a while back, i saw a 'blip' in whole living magazine [which i LOVE] about orontas bike products. 
each & every one of their bike products [cleaner, chain oil, waterproof grease] is non-toxic, biodegradable & made from sustainable materials [plant-based!!] 
love it. i always think of biking as such a 'smart' thing to do & then so many companies have products that are not great for the planet.
for us, using a product that takes care of the planet is a no-brainer.

so, i reached out to george at orontas. i told him we were so impressed with his products & would love to try them out.
he was *SO* kind & sent me full-size bottles of everything in their product line. the package came two days before we left for RAGBRAI, so it was perfect timing.

along with the full-size products, he also sent these mini-packets of grease, which we kept in our bike packs to apply during the ride. no doubt that their products got us through the rain, wind & nasty hills on our bike ride!!

orontas offers TWO types of chain grease ; one is ideal for summer [dry] conditions & the other is meant for winter [wet] conditions.

blake & i will both bike commute in the winter, so a strong chain lube that 'wicks' away the ice & snow is perfect.

if you bike often or just every once in a while, i really do think its SO important that you take care of your bike. grease your chain. check your tire pressure. also, learning to do these things yourself will save you a bunch of money.

and if their manifesto doesnt convince you to support them ...
it says : 
orontas is not a brand. 
orontas is a reckless commitment to do better.
orontas isnt green.
orontas isnt even 'going green'
we have standards.
standards that mean using sustainable & 
biodegradable materials that dont come
with skulls and crossbones.
we believe having values is better than 
marketing them and the last time we checked
green was just a perfectly nice color.

connect with orontas : 

disclaimer : i was given all of these products free of charge, but everything i said is my own personal [and super positive!] opinion!