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Thursday, August 9, 2012

: crafting with daphne : super-easy t-shirt dog tug toy :

week 1 of crafting with daphne!!!
yesterdays post introduced you to the newest member of our fam ; meet daphne!

over the next few weeks, i will be sharing a few of my favorite doggie crafts & recipes here on the blog.
since daphne has such a strong jaw [she has some pit bull in her!], i only want to purchase // make // use toys that can withstand her strength.
dog toys are expensive, so i dont want to purchase toys JUST so she can tear them up.

the first few days we had her, i kept noticing that she loved our socks & balls of yarn. she never tore them up or even really chewed them ; she would just lay down & hold them in her mouth.

so, i found this really great [and easy!] tutorial on how to make a tugga toy from an old t-shirt.
the shirt was 50 cents at a local thrift store & i was able to make TWO tuggas from one shirt. also, it only took about 20 minutes total.

she loves it! shes still learning 'tugging' skills [sometimes i think when we pull on one end of the toy, she thinks we are being mean & trying to take it away!], but she really enjoys chewing on the soft fabric & throwing it around by herself.

is there a specific toy that your dog loves?
leave a link in the comments!!