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Wednesday, August 8, 2012

our family is GROWING [!!] by four feet!

happy wednesday, folks!
blake & i have been sitting on a bit of a secret for a while now...

we rescued a puppy!!

we have wanted to adopt a dog for such a long time ; but we knew we wanted a large-ish dog & we are only in a two bedroom apartment.
one night, i randomly searched 'rescue dogs in minneapolis' & was hooked. i found 14 [!!] dogs that i wanted, but we just kept coming back to daphne.

isnt she beautiful?!
shes 50 pounds, 8 months old & an [unknown] mix.
[we think she has some bit bull, retriever // hunting dog & maybe some rhodesian ridgeback in her]

we feel super lucky ; shes such a great dog. 
she has a really long tail & whenever we speak to her // come near her // walk in the room, her tail goes crazy.

she still has lots of 'puppy energy', which has resulted in 3-5 hours of walking // exercise a day ; its great for us & we have met so many great people in our neighborhood. [so many people want to pet her & hear her story ; her markings & coloring are a bit unusual]

last night, we took her for a stroll & she met a 2 year old dog her size & they wrestled and played for over an hour. so much fun!

since i am a bit crafty, i have been making tons of things for daphne [toys, a bed, vegan dog treats!] so, over the next few weeks, i will be sharing some super-easy projects & recipes for your furry friend.

do you have a dog? 
what tips // toys // products // suggestions do you have for us?

and if you have any questions about her training // food // behaviors, leave them in the comments!
also, if you live in the minneapolis area, we adopted daph from this great rescue.
annnnnd, if you live around here & want to have a playdate, let me know! daphne would love more dog-friends ;)