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Wednesday, August 15, 2012

: i totally want to make that : easy painted wooden spoons :

hey everybody!
how is everything?
i have been feeling super busy. i am not working from home anymore. i am now working THREE jobs outside of home. and walking a 50+ pound puppy 1-3 hours a day. and volunteering once a week. and eating faux oreos for dessert every night.

the minnesota weather has been feeling pretty 'september-ish' & i love it. hoodies in the morning & sleeping with the windows open at night!

today, i want to share a fun & way easy project ; painted wooden kitchen tools!
i love adding new colors to our apartment as the seasons change.

we have a bunch of wooden kitchen utensils & i thought 'lets give 'em some color!'
i used this super easy tutorial.
you need a little tape, paint, a brush & some wooden spoons!
the whole project took less than 20 minutes & its a fun way to dress up our kitchen!

easy, right?!
what colors are in YOUR kitchen?