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Friday, August 24, 2012

: yes, i DO have instagram! : NO, im not sharing : plus, a fun, little photo dump! :

happy friday!
i woke up feeling super nasty--sick, so i am home in bed all day!

did you check out yesterdays post?! i shared some fun [huge!] changes i am making to the blog.
and since i am locked in bed all day ; i guess i have my work cut out for me!

while i am going through this blog transition, i thought it would be fun to share some recent phone photos.
see, i DO have instagram! i have had it for a super long time ; actually, i have almost 1,000 pictures on there. but i dont follow anybody. and i haven't accepted the 150+ requests.
because i want something to be my own.
between twitter, facebook & blogging, total strangers get to see so much about my life. and for the most part, i think that is pretty cool. but the pictures i take, those are mine. private. they belong to my family. i am happy to share a few at a time, but not 900 for the world to see. [and i know about the privacy settings ; but still..]

so, this is what we have been up to these past couple of weeks :

this is one of my faves from our long bike ride.
somewhere in the middle of iowa.

sweet corn in the back yard.

arent these colors so dreamy?!
this is on the stone arch bridge.
[you are looking at downtown minneapolis]
the mississippi river is right below us.

im re-reading all the naria books [almost done with #5].
with a sleepy puppy at my feet.

twins game!!

with the hoodie + the leaves ; its starting to look like fall here.

somebody bought new running shoes!

this is on the cedar lake bike trail ; they just repaved it.
you are looking at downtown minneapolis from the OPPOSITE direction as the picture above!

heres to a fun, healthy weekend!
what are YOU up to?