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Thursday, August 23, 2012

BIG CHANGES coming to dianapantz

happy thursday, everybody!
did you see the fun recipe for refrigerator pickles i posted monday?!
we keep getting more & more cucumbers in our CSA box & this is my new 'go-to' recipe.

i wanted to announce some new changes that are coming to the blog in the next couple weeks!
right now, i consider dianapantz a vegan lifestyle blog focused on recipes, projects, small business tips, occasional personal posts & vegan tips.

i am a firm believer that if you are going to blog, it should be something worth reading. your post should teach your readers something.

if you know me in 'real life', or have been around here for a while, you know that i really enjoy healthy living & taking care of myself. i live in yoga pants & am always being active.
i have wanted to transition this blog into more of a 'healthy living' blog for such a long time, but just felt that one more blog topic would be too much.
so, now is the time!

what will be changing?
dianapantz will now be focused on 'healthy, vegan fitness on a budget'
there will be a new blog schedule, a new layout, header & buttons. i will be changing the recipe page & many of the other tabs,  as well.
i will be focusing more on how to create, build & keep positive body image, current heath issues [globally, locally & here in the us], vegan recipes, workout tips, exercises & workouts i love, products i use, and easy ways to stay healthy & strong on a budget [because, i dont have $150 a month for cross-fit classes!]

what will be staying the same?
i will still be posting links i love & easy home projects. also, daphne [my dog, duh!] will be sharing a few of her favorite toys, eco-products & handmade vegan treats.

why am i switching things up?!
right now, i feel like there are SO many blogs out there that are full of fluff. they host a billion giveaways & have a ton of followers ONLY because the first 3 entries require you to follow them.
i have never been worried about my numbers. if 300 people read a post, or if 15 people read a post ; i am okay with that. i always want to post content that i am proud of & thats worth reading.
with all of that being said ; i am leaving behind the 'small business' side of my blog right now. i love fitness & wellness and really want to share that.
everyday, on twitter or facebook, i see someone [usually more than one!] who posts something negative about their [her] brain or body. i hate that as a [female] culture, there really are women who are almost 30 & still think they arent good enough. it breaks my heart & i want to make this blog a space to celebrate wellness, positive thinking & the ability we all have to be better!

so, what about the shop?
well, the shop will stay open ; but i wont be adding any bags, bow ties or pantz for a while. knitting & photography are the two things that i really, really enjoy doing ; so new photos & winter wear will be added to the shop periodically. i will be having a huge sale on pantz, bow ties & bags in a few weeks.
right now, with a super active pup & three jobs ; taking a break from my shop is something that i really need to do.

are you still taking sponsors?
right now [and for the past few months], i am not. i want to get a 'blog flow' going & totally update my blog. in the next couple of months, i will start thinking about sponsorships again.
i feel like anybody with more than 25 blog followers now accepts [paid] sponsorships. it so easy to get 2,094,823,098 buttons on your sidebar and i really dont know how effective swaps & sponsorships are. its something i am working on, but for right now, i am not accepting new sponsors.

what about the e-book?
the e-book, just like my shop & blog, has been a bit quiet lately. i am also in the process of revamping my e-book. maybe a couple new recipes, a new feature or two, a new affiliate plan & a new price!
i will share more when i am ready.

so, the bottom line is : i appreciate each & every one of you. the emails. comments. pen pals. all of it. this blog has been really great for me & i am super excited to be switching gears & to share this new chapter.

what do you think?
any advice? comments? are there any health // wellness // vegan blogs that you really enjoy that i should check out?

heres to a new chapter!!!