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Wednesday, September 5, 2012

: crafting with daphne [the destroyer] : the dog bed that didnt make it! :

middle of the week!
woo hoo! if you have goals for the week ; i hope they are going well. i am a bit behind on my workouts & today i will be gone from 930am-11pm ; but i am doing my best. i will try to squeeze 15 minutes of push-ups at work today!

lets talk about daphne!
when we first knew we were going to adopt her, i wanted to make her a bed. 
i took a couple yards of fabric i had laying around. [i used a heavier cotton // canvas fabric from ikea]
i triple-sewed three of the four sides.
then i took two pillows we no longer use + a half-full bag of fiber-fill & stuffed them in.
and then i sewed it shut.

coolest bed ever. classy. fluffy. 
daphne loved it. when she first came home with us ; we set it in the living room & she spent a lot of time on the bed.
at night, we also moved it into our bedroom.
she slept on her bed. we slept on ours.

once blake & i started going back to work full-time, i thought 'lets put her bed in her crate, so its extra fluffy & cozy in there.'
day two of having the bed in the crate & blake came home to a room full of feathers [one of the pillows was down] & a dog that had feathers stuck in her nose, her paws & her back end. 

we are guessing that she smelled the ducks [gross ; this is why i am not a fan of down pillows][these were a hand-me-down from years ago ; btw] & tried to find them. while digging, she sliced open the bed & then sliced open both pillows.

daphne doesnt have a bed at this moment, which makes her think she gets to take up our bed each night. so far, its working [and driving me nuts!], but pretty soon, i will make her another one. 

as a pet owner ; what is the silliest thing your animal has ever eaten?!
see you tomorrow!!