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Friday, September 7, 2012

you ate WHAT at the state fair?

lets talk about it.
the minnesota state fair is known as 'the great minnesota get together.'

this gopher is the official mascot of the fair // beautiful flowers // fresh pressed cider // LOVE this shot of the people on the lifts!

and it is!
almost 2 MILLION people showed up this year.
the fair runs for 12 days [always ending on labor day]. they have big entertainment acts each night [my sister and i saw the backstreet boys a few years ago ;)]. tons of animal barns [you can watch animal babies being born in the miracle of birth center] and it takes *hours* to see everything.

black bean risotto poppers

the joke of the state fair is that if you can put a stick in it, minnesotans will eat it.
and its true. 85+% of ALL the food at the fair is on a sick. [think cheesecake, alligator, 1/3 pound bacon, caramel apple slices, deep fried candy bars, spaghetti & meatballs, tater tot hotdish, nachos, pizza] all of these things [plus TONS more], all on a stick.

strawberry shortcake

so on monday, blake & i biked 15+ miles [roundtrip] to the state fair. [the parking is ridiculous & super expensive!]. since so many people were off work on monday, there were 230,000+ people at the fair. [just on MONDAY!!]

blake & i wanted to try some new foods, but we arent people that love massive over-indulgence. we picked out a [big] handful of foods we wanted to try & that was that. i documented everything we ate.
*notice that again, not everything was 100% vegan*

pineapple torta [small portion ; not delish] // pistachio canolli // walleye cakes [i know ; FISH!] // and blake sampled 4 local craft beers

and look at this *rad* water fountain! // there is a spout for drinking AND a spout for filling up water // NO WASTING WATER!

and we always end the night with a cup of sweet marthas cookies // the line is always ridiculous & they are known for stacking a TON of cookies on TOP of the cup!
[i love blakes face here ; obviously nervous about dropping our $6 cup of treats!]

we also bought daphne a bar of vegan doggie shampoo ; i will share my review of that once we use it.
[lately, she has been rolling in dirt AND she fell into a water fountain the other day that was FULL of nasty algae, so shes due for a cleaning ;)]

tell us : are you a fair person?!
did you go this year?

[also, my post yesterday about budgets & finances has gotten a TON of traffic ; id love to hear your feedback on money!]