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Sunday, September 9, 2012

: my fitness goals for the week :

2nd week of september.
did you make goals last week?
how did you do?

i have said it a billion times ; i love making lists // goals.
i use to only make goals that i KNEW i could complete [cuz if you didnt do it, you failed, right?!]
well now, i almost always set the bar pretty high. so, if i miss one week, i keep striving to eventually hit my goal.

and, practice makes perfect right?! every time i DONT hit my goal [like, being in bed by 11pm], i am becoming more mindful of that goal & getting closer!

so, what health // wellness goals do i want to get done this week?!
[and you can read my september fitness goals here]
1) bike 75 miles
2) walk 500 minutes
3) plank a day 7x
4) 40+ glasses of water
5) in bed by 11pm
6) 3 strength workouts
7) 3 cardio workouts [1 is a 20 min run // jog]

and how did i do last week?
1) bike 70+ miles [i bike 10 miles + a day to work & back][85/70]
2) walk 400 minutes [i walk daphne 20-70 min a day + i nanny full-time for a family that lives right on the walking trail][570/400!]
3) do 'plank a day' every day [2/7]
4) drink 35+ glasses of water [thats 5 glasses a day] [40/35]
5) be in bed by 11pm every night [i am really struggling to go to bed at a decent time!] [ZERO/7!]
6) do 3 strength workouts [only lifted 1/3]
7) 3 cardio workouts [with one of them being a 15-25min run // jog] [2/3 ; didnt run]
completed 3/7 + partially completed 3/7 ; not bad for week 1

i would love to hear your goals for this week.
also, if you want to blog about your goals, come back & leave the link ; ill be sure to share your link on facebook & twitter!