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Tuesday, October 2, 2012

how are you making yourself better?

happy tuesday!
so, i know that there are a bunch of you that read my posts & dont comment [thank YOU, google analytics!] and usually, that is fine.

but today, i would love to create a dialogue // conversation.

if you have been following along lately ; you know that i have a lot of my plate.
i am working a ton. biking to work and back each day [70+ miles a week]. working out // building my strength & cardio. volunteering 1x a week. attempting to connect with friends // family on a regular basis. and trying to live a balanced life with blake. all while showering, doing laundry, reading before bed & growing my life savings.

i will admit that when i was doing dianapantz full-time ; i did a great job of taking care of myself. baths. naps. mental re-charges.
but then you throw a few jobs & a pup in the mix and things get a bit tricky.

i have NOT been great about recharging.
or listening to my body.
i have been a bit of a jerk to blake [soooo quick to over-react]. i have not been calling my grandma as often as i would like. my motivation for working out & drinking enough water have fallen by the wayside.
i feel like i am in a bit of survival mode and i dont love it.

i am lucky to be working. i am lucky to have enough income to support myself. i am lucky to have a body that allows me to work out, push boundaries and pedal a bike miles and miles a week.

i dont want to be in survival mode.
i want to be in 'dont-mind-me-i-am-just-living-life-to-the-fullest' mode. 
so, how do i [YOU] do it?

*i want to take slow walks around the lakes & take fancy pictures of the leaves before they all fall off the trees [and i want to use my 'real' camera ; not my iphone]
*i want to read before bed and journal for 5-15 minutes each night for all of the things i am grateful for.
*i want to get back to loving my workouts. i want to treat them as a way to energize and strengthen my body ; not as a chore i need to cross off my to-do list.
*i want to savor the time i get with daphne & blake. enjoying sloppy puppy kisses & really listening to blake when he talks about his day.
*i want to start my day sooner & program my body to slow down. right now, i press my luck with sleeping in & then am hurrying around like my head is cut off. i want to enjoy my morning walk with daphne, my morning smoothie & my 5 mile bike ride to work.

i live in one of the most amazing cities in the country. i am surrounded by beauty & good humans.
it is my job to make the most out of each and every day.

and now to YOU ; dear reader that is lurking behind a screen!
tell us :
what are you doing to make yourself better?!