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Monday, October 1, 2012

october goals & a reset

woo hoo!
after taking most of the month off [and losing a handful of followers] ; i am back!

i have october all planned out.
posting 4 days a week. taking a few weekend days off to recharge.
bike rides. fall camping. running. treating my body better.

working almost every day in september was hard.
hard on my brain. my body. my partnership.
so, the word for october is 'space.'
space to say 'no, i need a day off.' space to be okay with wearing my bathrobe all day on a day off. 'space' to listen to my body.

i dont have a ton of goals this month [which gives me lots of time to focus on the few that i have]
in october i want to : 
1) go camping
2) run with daphne 3-4x a week AND start taking her to the dog park [shes been a bit naughty and REALLY needs dog-friends!]
3) pay off $________ on student loans [i am kicking a big butt with this goal!]
4) take the october unprocessed challenge [read more HERE][and then sign up!]
5) follow my fitness plan [i will share this later this month ; but it includes lifting, cardio, pilates, enough sleep, lots of water, attempting to track my food & walking throughout the day]
6) fill up my shop with cute winter wear + take lots of new product photos
7) take a fun little weekend // day trip to a place in minnesota i have never been before [sightseeing // camping // hiking // shopping]
8) re-release my e-book!
9) follow my financial plan [i did really well last month ; so i am hoping to one-up myself in october]

id love to hear one of your goals for the month!!