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Friday, October 5, 2012

why i love charity water : + how you can make the planet even better :

if you have been reading for a while now, you know that blake & i love donating money to charities // causes we really care about.
even when money is tight, we always try to donate each & every month.
so many people live with way less than we do ; the least we can do is create a bit of positive change.

one of my favorite organizations is charity : water. they drill wells all over the world so people can have clean water. water is something we easily take for granted here in the us. water in other parts of the world can be filled with scary, deadly disease.
we have given money quite a few times to charity : water & i just love them.
the other cool thing? each & every penny that you donate goes directly to building wells // supplying clean water.

so, how do they cover their operating costs?
through their store. they offer some pretty rad items.
i have had my eye on a sweet shirt for quite a long time.

i went to purchase it & noticed that the shipping is outragous! [$7+]
now, i run a business. i totally get that shipping can be expensive.
but, this is a tiny, lightweight t-shirt coming from new york & landing in minnesota.
so, instead of ordering, i tweeted charity : water about the sky-high shipping cost.
almost immediately, i got a response. after a couple of email exchanges, kaitlyn offered to send BOTH blake & i our t-shirts FREE as a thank you for supporting their organization.

when the shirts came, we also got a great dvd, a hand-written note, two rubber charity : water bracelets + a bunch of temporary tattoos.

i was SO impressed with their great customer service and their gratitude to us for supporting them.
there are SO many businesses & organizations out there. blake & i work really hard for our money. we also want to know that they little things we do will make a difference.
supporting charity : water makes us feel really great!

if you are looking for an organization to donate to ; check them out.
[and remember, $5 can change the world!]

disclaimer : my story is true. charity : water sent us these shirts because they are awesome & have big hearts. i am writing this post because i want to. and i think you should support them because they are awesome!

have a great weekend & three cheers for changing the planet!