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Monday, October 8, 2012

: smoothie monday! : lets talk about protein powder + a super delish recipe! :

happy monday! 

i havent done a 'smoothie monday' post for a few weeks ; but today, we are back in business.
i love smoothies. ive had one for breakfast everyday for a few months now!
actually, on friday, daphne broke out of her crate [second time in a week] & she actually ate the blender.
but no fear ; i bought a new blender & had a smoothie on saturday ;)

no matter the flavor of my smoothie ; i always add a scoop of flax seed & a scoop of chia seeds.
i cant taste either one & they are both huge nutritional powerhouses.
i also like to add protein powder.
for a long time [even after i went vegan] ; i used muscle milk. it was the only powder that i really loved & it tasted so great. [it does contain whey protein, though ; so its NOT vegan]

a couple months ago, i finally decided to search for vegan protein powder ; its important to me & since my body has a really hard time processing dairy ; i knew a new powder was in order.

i found vega.
they have a HUGE product line [think powders, bars, snacks and other supplements] that is 100% dairy & soy-free.
vega sent me two packets of their french vanilla flavor & it was delish. [my recipe below]
after tasting the vanilla, blake went out & bought two packets of the chocolate. again, delish.
so, we did it. we purchased a tub of vanilla & a tub of chocolate.
each scoop of vega is packed with greens, antioxidants, protein, omega 3s, fiber & tons of probiotics for healthy digestion. read more about that here.

every morning, this face asks for a frozen banana chunk.
[look at those eyes ; how could you say no?!]

so far, i have made 5 different smoothies with both powders & they really are delish.
if you are looking for a healthy boost & a great addition in your morning smoothies ; i say buy vega!
[we are def customers for life!]

connect with vega 
site // facebook // twitter

disclaimer : vega provided me with two packets of french vanilla in exchange for an honest review. i bought the tubs + chocolate packets with my own money*

and now for the recipe : 
vega vanilla fruit smoothie

what you need : 
*1 1/2 cups almond milk
*1 packet of vega one french vanilla protein powder
*1 cup of frozen fruit [i use the organic berry blend from trader joes]
*3/4-1 banana [we use fair trade organic bananas from whole foods]
*1 scoop of ground flaxseed meal [i use bob's red mill]

how to do it : 
1) throw everything into a blender and *boom* you are done.

**smoothie tip : buy a HUGE amount of bananas [i buy about 30+ at a time] ; cut them into chunks and freeze them. so when its 'smoothie time' ; you reach in and grab a few chunks! no frozen fingers!!**

see you tomorrow!