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Wednesday, November 28, 2012

9 links from around the web [necklaces, articles, projects & recipes]

hi everybody!
i have been creating some *really* awesome gift guides to share in the next couple weeks & havent been posting as much as id like.
be excited ; so many rad gift ideas coming.

before we do that : i have some links you should check out.

1) love naan bread? [me too!] here is a super-easy recipe to follow to make it at home.

2) coffee lover in your life? [one of my gift guides will be FULL of options for your coffee-lover] regular coffee is a subscription-based coffee with amazing packaging!

3) short on time, but determined to stick with your fitness goals? [i hear ya!] here are 15 full-body workouts you can do in UNDER 15 minutes! [seriously, everybody has 15 min]

4) whole living has a super easy-to-follow slideshow with 40 tips on living more sustainably. i would LOVE to hear which ones you practice and which ones you are working on for the future.

5) need a story that will warm your heart? this man + his dog were a bit of a sensation a few months back. and this is the follow up story. i cry every time.

6) the new year is coming! [seriously, in like, 5 weeks!!] one of your new years goals to eat better? maybe phase out meat and dairy? maybe actually go [gulp!] vegan?! ;) the vegan 101 series will make things not-so-scary!

7) can somebody tell blake that this barbell necklace is on my birthday list? [its in 2 weeks!!]

8) are you looking for a new font? here are 26 free, retro-inspired ones.

9) do you buy fair // equal-trade coffee? wonder what the big deal is about 'shade grown'? here is a small article about WHY the coffee you buy REALLY matters! [also, when you go into your favorite chain-coffee shop, dont forget to bring your reusable mug! americans throw away MILLIONS of those silly cups every season wasting money, energy, oil & resources]

do you have any articles to share?