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Thursday, November 22, 2012

9 online black friday deals that you DONT want to miss!

happy black friday!
good day yesterday?
blake and i [daphne, too!] started our own tradition yesterday & it was great.
peaceful. calm. easy. simple.
i took almost 100 awesome photos.
but i didnt have my memory card in... [bummer!]

anyways! lets talk about scoring you some awesome stuff.
i have a bunch of shops listed below.
all have great deals.
all do awesome things for the planet.
and [i hope] most of these will be new places you will continue to support!

here we go : 
1) misto box!
what : a monthly coffee delivery service. each month you get 4 mini-bags of coffee from different parts of the world.
i bought a sample box for blake last month [his birthday is on sunday!] and my mom bought him a 3-month subscription!
their prices are awesome. you are supporting a cool business and giving fair & equal trade to coffee farmers around the world.
also, if you love the mini-bags, you get free shipping on the full-sized bags throughout the month.
AND for each purchase ; you earn points that you can redeem for free coffee.
the deal : a super-secret deal for their twitter followers [its hasnt been announced yet]
follow their twitter here!

2) 3way beauty
what : shower//shave//shampoo bars AND doggy style shampoo bars!
remember when i reviewed their awesome shampoo on daphne? they make a really rad-smelling bar for dog-baths.
the deal : type in code BFSBCM between today & the 26th to save 30% on EVERYTHING! i really do recommend their stuff ; daphne hates baths, but gets so clean with their soap!

3) vega
what : my favorite [vegan] protein powder on the planet. each scoop is full of fruits, veggies, protein, all the vitamins you need & its delish. its also pretty affordable. we use chocolate & french vanilla.
the deal : type in blackfriday12 to save 20% on EVERYTHING until the 26th. also, shipping is free over $100 ; so you can get 2 huge tubs for $100 [usually $70 a piece]

4) bubbs
what : an online retailer [think etsy for nonprofits that give to charity] that has an AWESOME selection of products. they have 'women', 'men', 'pets', and 'children' sections. you can find anything from condoms [for each sold, they donate another to a developing nation], to dog food [that donates food to shelters] to coffee [that give shelter to a homeless family]. their site is inspiring and makes me feel like small steps CAN change the world.
the deal : its still a secret ; but be sure to head to their site & check their twitter to see what is revealed.

5) project 7
what : oh my gosh! LOVE this site. they offer a range of items ; ALL of which do amazing things. they sell shirts, coffee, mints, iphone cases and coffee mugs. depending on what you buy, you will provide notebooks, housing, plant a tree or give medicine to someone that is sick.
i just ordered three bags of coffee from them last week. three bags = three nights of shelter provided to someone without a home
the deal : save 25% on EVERYTHING + free shipping [that is awesome] with code todayshow

6) tanQ
what : a shirt company in oregon. each month, they make ONE t-shirt & donate ALL profits to ONE charity. some times its the food bank. or ocean cleanup. or education. somebody [me!] has already purchased this shirt ;)
the deal : type in tgif at checkout to save 30% on EVERYTHING until the 25th

7) ecojot
what : a journal company that gives a notebook & pen to a child in need for each jumbo journal that is sold.
the deal : save up to 20% on all regular priced items [add it to your cart to see the savings] ; also, if you spend over $30, you get a free 2013 calendar. AND up to 50% off their fabric collection.

8) united by blue
what : a clothing company that removes one pound of trash from the ocean for EACH item purchased.
the deal : check out the deals here ; they have three deals depending on how much you spend.

9) dianapantz!
what : yes! MY shop!! i have 9 new pieces that will be added to the shop this weekend [remember i said my memory card wasnt in?!]. each month, i give 5% of all proceeds to charity & then i double that amount with my own money! plus, i do my best to minimize my shops' impact on the planet.
the deal : you can save 25% off EVERYTHING in my shop PLUS a fun, surprise gift for ALL orders over $50! type in IMSHOPPING25 at checkout!

woo hoo!
tell me : where are you shopping?
any other great deals you want to talk about?!
leave them in the comments.