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Tuesday, November 20, 2012

family photo time! : our first photo shoot as a family of 3! :

happy tuesday, everybody!
today i have something fun [and a little personal] to share with you!

i share the basics here on the blog [blake, biking, knitting, daphne] ; but i dont share a lot of super personal photos or stories.
i feel like having a blog, a twitter, a facebook AND a shop is a lot of ME on the internet ; i enjoy sharing ; but some moments are best shared in small, personal spaces.
makes sense, right?

a couple months ago, the beautiful sarah took some amazing family photos for us!
we met at a park reserve 40 minutes from the city & hung out for the afternoon.
daphne was a little naughty [she chewed the rope that connected to the pole she was tied to AND she got off leash and chased another dog], but she looks so cute. ;)
[proof : look at this photo above ; see the yellow rope hanging from her neck? the rest of it is tied to the pole behind blake...]

wanna see some photos?

fun, right?
if you are in the minneapolis area, i highly recommend sarah!
connect with her here : 

tell me : 
when is the last time you took family photos?