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Friday, November 16, 2012

: another post for the dog-lovers! : BARK BOX!

happy friday, everybody.
usually, i blog in the mornings before work, but i have started a new fitness program [turbofire & i stinkin' love it!], so blogging has been pushed to the side [again!!].

anyways, lets talk about dogs!
you have a dog? your parents? a friend? a doggy pen pal?

a few months ago, i found a groupon for bark box.
do you know them?

its a monthly gift box FOR YOUR DOG!!
each month, your pup receives a box FULL of goodies ; treats, toys, shampoos, ect.

daphne says : i want all the things...

you get to choose the size of your dog [daphne is in the 'big and bold' category ;)] & the length of your subscription. 1 month is $29, 3 months $22/mo & 6 months is $17/mo.
we should be getting our third box in the next couple days, so i wanted to share what has been in the first two!

month 1 : september
sweet potato treats, a bath wipe, apple z-bone, bully stick, sample of dried chicken & a crinkits

4ox bag of dried sweet potato. 
daph loves these ; we have bought a full-size bag of these and a large bag of freeze-dried cheese cubes.
here is their website ; great training treats!
we would love to try the venison next.

z-bone ; daphne really loves fruits and veggies [seriously] ; she loves apples!

she also loves eating animal parts...

this is a crinkits ; you put a [small!] plastic bottle inside, so they 'get' the sound, but not the shards of plastic.
we dont use plastic bottles, so we havent tried it out..

month 2 : october
dental gel, turkey liver treats, felt ball, MUSTACHE & a poop pack

ummm, YES!
[she has since eaten half the handlebar..]

these are made in canada. pure turkey liver. nothing else.
another really great training treat ; daphne loved these.
we will def buy more in the future.

the felt ball lasted about 20 minutes. 
she loves tearing things up ; i think its a skill dogs NEED to exercise.
[look at those paws!]

we havent used the cleaning gel yet ; we should.
and nobody ever complains about having too many poop bags.

i highly recommend bark box!
its a great way to learn about new, responsible companies. with each box, you are supporting SO many great companies.
AND, bark box gives 10% of all sales to dog charities [and you know we love that!]

disclaimer : bark box doesnt know who i am. i purchased a package on groupon at a discount, but still used my own money. we love our pup & want others to be jazzed about great products.

look at that face!

tell us : what type of toys, treats and products does YOUR pup love?!