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Friday, November 30, 2012

foodie pen pal reveal :

foodie pen-pal reveal day!
i took a few months off from FPP ; but decided to hop back in this month.

foodie pen-pals is just like it sounds.
you sign up. you get a pen pal. you send a package. you get a package.
this month, rebecca sent me a super-thoughtful package from indianapolis.
go here to learn more // see other packages // sign up.

sometimes, i get a little nervous [for my pen pal] when i tell them that i am vegan AND allergic to milk // dairy. if you are unfamiliar ; it can be a tall order. 
but, rebecca was awesome!

i received : 
a dozen chocolate-chip cookies [homemade!]

local buckwheat honey 
[yes, we eat 'smart', sustainable, local honey]

vegan peanut-brittle!
[i spy a puppy-nose]

5 packets of local, loose-leaf tea.
we love tea in the winter, after biking home from work.

amish popcorn [no butter!]

and a half-pint of her moms' raspberry jam.
[so thoughtful]

awesome haul, right?!
each & every item is something we enjoy & will eat.
jelly on dairy-free ice cream, popcorn while we watch harry potter, tea before bed & honey in my morning smoothie.

see you tomorrow!