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Wednesday, December 12, 2012

HOLIDAY GIFT GUIDE : 12 super-rad gifts for the small humans in your life :

happy wednesday!
i have ANOTHER gift guide for you.
this time its for the small humans in your life.
two weeks ago, i shared a few of my top 'kid gifts' here. [seriously, go see. i picked good gifts ;)]
and today, i have 12 more awesome gift ideas to share.
i am a big fan of toys that are NOT made in factories by other small children. i enjoy toys that are gender neutral, use imagination in place of batteries and can be used for a long time.

here we go :

1) a punch-out easy-to-assemble play town
this is best for ages 5 & up.
no glue or scissors needed ; just punch and play.
[and arent the bright colors awesome?!]

2) veggie chalk!
its made of high-quality ingredients ; so if swallowed, its really no big deal.
no wheat, preservatives or added sugar. also totally vegan!
[i have worked with a bunch of kids who are sensitive to wheat in products [like chalk & play doh]

3) green toys gardening kit!
when i was a kid, my family had a huge garden. i use to grow seeds in little cups on the window.
this is the same thing ; but way cooler.
the planters are made from 100% recycled milk jugs [woo hoo]. the packaging is compostable & there is no cellophane, plastic or twist ties [love this]
the seed packets contain basil, sunflower & zinnia.

4) wooden vegetable set
wooden toys are my fave.
ps : their entire shop is full of awesome wooden toys!

5) super hero doll
i am a firm believer that every child on the planet should have a doll.
these super hero dolls are adorable!
there is also a girl super-hero in the shop.
[this would also be a great gift for kids that are going through some sort of transition]

6) love the 'doll idea' but prefer to make one yourself?
there is also a girl pattern available.
[i cant get over this doll. the 'swoosh' hair. the socks. the overalls!]

7) a wooden camera
again, wood toys are so great. this is a great 'teething' toy for a babe & can also be use for imaginative and dramatic play with toddlers and preschoolers.
also, little sapling toys plants a tree for EVERY toy sold!

8) when i was born
this really is the most beautiful, incredible childrens book i have ever seen.
the colors, the text & the message are lovely.
since blake and i have both read THOUSANDS of books in our years and years [and years] working with kids ; we are sort of 'childrens book snobs'.
books are NEVER a bad idea. and this one is awesome.

9) the sweetest pair of booties for a new babe
my friend shannon makes these! they are well made, bright & affordable

10) memory game
there are so many awesome memory games out there. i love the wooden // hand stamped versions.
alien [shown in photo] // snack time // animal tracks // transportation
this was by far my favorite game as a kid.

look at the detail of this game!
intended for kids 8+ ; its the same as traditional mancala ; but with peas!

glob is doing AWESOME things in the world of eco- art supplies.
you get 6 paint packets ; each using ACTUAL fruit // veggie // spices for coloring.
they also sell brushes, paper, greeting cards & more.
pretty sweet collection if i do say so myself ;)
we have a couple of kids on our holiday list this year & we are excited to support some awesome companies.

see you tomorrow!