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Monday, December 10, 2012

HOLIDAY GIFT GUIDE for cooks, bakers foodies & other humans that love being in the kitchen :

happy monday!
good weekend? 
we got a BUNCH of snow this weekend [15+ inches!]
so much scooping & walking & playing around. i do love winter.
[although, i am fine if we dont get any more snow for quite a while]

lets talk about gifts!
your shopping is going well?!
today i have a bunch of great gifts geared towards the people in your life that love to cook // bake // eat // spend time in the kitchen.

1) some super-awesome vegan fudge
the best thing about [most] vegan treats // desserts is that they taste AMAZING. they aren't chalky or gross. and its organic. and no animals were mistreated [winwinwin]

2) a cutting board in your favorite state [minnesota, duh!]

each and every cutting board is made from bamboo. and you have the option of adding a heart or star to your city.

3) how about a 'make your own cheese' kit?!
such a cool idea! back when i still ate dairy ; we took a class to learn to pull // make our own mozzarella. it was delish! [and easy!]

4) ceramic stacking bowls
pigeon toe ceramics is a super-cute studio in portland, oregon. these two stacking bowls would be great for the couple on your list.

5) 2013 beer & food calendar
awesome local artist alert! i saw this calendar in person a couple weekends ago & the detail and design really are beautiful!

6) the global vegetarian cookbook
this book looks great. so many recipes from all over the world.
also awesome? your purchase helps eradicate poverty around the globe.

7) family heirloom dishtowels
this one makes me cry! its a little more work ; but i would imagine its SO worth it.
the link will take you to a blog & walk you through the steps of scanning & printing old family recipes onto dishtowels.
i am SO doing this.

8) how about some eswatini jams?
tons of flavors. no preservatives. and each purchases gives money to youth programs for children that were orphaned by AIDS.

you can never go wrong with a beautiful vintage pyrex pan // dish. ive been looking for months around town for my dream pyrex bread pan. im still looking ; but this one is a close 2nd ;)

10) you can never have too many [cute] floursack dishtowels!
we have the blueberry dishtowel. the packaging is great [and reusable]. the link is for a set of four. you can always give a few away & keep one for yourself ;)

what do you think? anything catch your eye?
see you tomorrow!