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Monday, December 17, 2012

how YOU can help the families of newtown, ct :

hi everybody!
like you, my heart has been so heavy & broken these past few days.
friday was my birthday. i woke up SO excited for a new year & all the big goals i have planned.
and then the shooting happened.
i have been a kindergarten teacher. i have worked with kids for 13 years. i have been through lockdown drills. i have a partner that goes to school every day to teach // love // protect a class full of 5 year-olds.
like so many others ; the shooting broke my heart. hit close to home. and hasnt left my mind all weekend.

so many people on social media are back to taking pictures of their food. and talking about the newest episode of their favorite show. or how their child was a total brat this morning.
i know that we all handle things differently ; but i am not there yet.
dont get me wrong ; this is not about me. i am not making this about me..

we dont own a tv. ive been avoiding most of the news reports // articles // blogs about the shooting. i dont ever want to see a picture of the shooter. and at this point ; i also havent been able to look at the photos of the children & educators that we lost on friday.

i am an educator. blake is an incredible teacher. we have family & so many friends that are teachers.
oh man ; this is all just so heavy.
i am not ready to go back to my 'regularly scheduled blogging.'
but i want to be present on my blog. way before people actually ready what i wrote ; this was the space i used for thoughts & heavy subjects.

there are so many articles // opinions out there talking about politics // feelings // gun control // aspergers // mental health // education // security. that is not what i want to share today.

like you, i want to help. but i am 20 hours a way.
so, what can we do?
below is a list of places you can send money // well wishes // blankets and a few other things.
if you have other resources ; please leave them in the comments.

1) project linus makes & sends blankets to children in need.
they have committed to sending over 700 blankets for the children affected by the shooting. if you knit // sew // crochet // quilt, you can make a blanket to be sent to newtown.
not crafty? thats okay! they are also taking monetary donations.
a doll & a blanket are two of the most powerful and comforting things a child in distress can have.
facebook // website

2) the newtown memorial fund has been set-up by a lifelong resident of newtown. his short-term goal is to provide financial relief for funeral expenses for the families.
long-term, he would like to create a scholarship program for newtown students who will be attending college.

3) my sandy hook family fund is accepting money that will be directly donated to the families affected. money will be used for food, rent, daycare & other living expenses, as well as the immediate need for funeral costs.

4) little emilie parker lost her life in the shooting & her family has set up a memorial fund. there is also an address to send cards.
the emilie parker memorial account

5) noah pozner also lost his little life last friday & his family also has a fund set up.
the money will go towards expenses and grief counseling [he has a twin sister & other siblings who were also in the school at the time].
the noah pozner family fund

6) you can also send notes // letters // cards directly to the school
[i am not sure EXACTLY how often the mail will be checked // delivered, considering the scene and the investigation ; but im sure they have a plan considering people all of the world are sending condolences]
Sandy Hook Elementary School
12 Dickenson Drive
Sandy Hook, CT 06482

7) also, the newtown police department could use some hugs & good vibes in the form of cards & letters.
thinking about the horrific images these men & women have had to endure these past few days really pains my heart.
mail can be send to :
Newtown Police Department
3 Main Street
Newtown, CT 06470

i know that not everyone is able to donate financially. but if you are able to send a small amount of money or a thoughtful card ; that would be great.
the universe can always use a bit more love.

be well, everybody. smile at a stranger. thank a teacher. tell a child they are special. take a minute for yourself.