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Thursday, December 20, 2012

lets talk about [hot] yoga, babe!

happy thursday, everybody!
are you traveling soon?
we will be taking a cross-country road trip in a couple days.
[woo hoo]

so, have you been thinking about your 2013 goals?
these past few weeks, i have NOT been making working out a priority.
i havent 'failed' or 'fallen off the wagon' ; i just havent been putting fitness on the top of my list.
i am walking daphne a couple times a day & riding 50-80 miles a week to work ; but other than that, i havent been working out.

so when we get back ; i want to start HOT YOGA!
i already bought a 2 month package to this local studio.
i some new pants.

and these fun little 'yoga toes' socks.

have you done [hot] yoga?
[i use to go to a studio a few years ago & tried to do it at home ; but would get too distracted]
i need some tips!
and encouragement.
the studio i am going to is one of the best in the cities.
they offer TONS of classes each day AND each class is 105*.
[my biggest fear is passing out][im from minnesota, man. im good at being cold ; not sweltering hot]

what gear do you love? mats? tops? hairbands?
if you do yoga ; i want to hear from you!

and if you DONT do yoga ; id love to hear what fitness tip // trick // plan you plan on using in 2013.
plan on running a race? doing a 5 min plank?

disclaimer : i bought the yoga passes & gear with my own money. nobody gave me anything or asked me to write anything. i just want to practice yoga & not throw up.