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Wednesday, January 9, 2013

shopping with daphne : december bark box reveal : [another post for the dog lovers]

hey everybody!
this post is for the 'dog people' out there.
for the past few months now, we have been getting the barkbox.
what is it?
its a monthly mail subscription service. each month, your pup [you customize the package based on their size] gets a box in the mail with anything from treats, hygiene products & toys.
this is daphnes 4th box & i think its her favorite so far ;)
how do i know?
because i kept the bark box in the craft room ; waiting for enough daylight to take a photo.
we have been training daphne to be out of her cage during the day, while we are at work. she gets the living room & the kitchen. we close the hallway door & the doors to the craft room and the bedroom.
i came home the other day & not only had she OPENED the hallway door [hello, she doesnt have thumbs!], but she got into the craft room AND tore apart the bark box.

so, what was in the december bark box!?

this awesome shampoo ; smells so good.
this poor, destroyed monkey. really, he never stood a chance.. [he is made from organic cotton & SO soft] [we really love this company for everything they do!]

a box of red velvet cake mix [its wheat-free] GUYS! seriously, red velvet cake for dogs?! i love it!
and a bag of these dog treats. [no picture of the treats, because she ate the entire bag while we were gone]

sign up here and get $5 off your first subscription. also, they donate 10% of all proceeds to local rescues & shelters.

so, the photos of this months box were a total bust, but the box itself was a total win for our [naughty] pup.

disclaimer : we purchased the barkbox with our own money. we love supporting small companies & spending tons of money on our dog, so she can destroy everything ;)