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Tuesday, January 8, 2013

40 loaves : honey cornbread muffins

one of my 2013 goals is to bake 40 loaves of bread.
i have wanted to bake my own bread for a long time, but it always seemed super scary.
what better way to get over a fear than to do something 40 times?! ;)

for my first recipe, i decided to make something pretty easy. no rising time. no active yeast. just a simple recipe.

bread : honey cornbread muffins

recipe used : this one

what i did differently? : i used whole wheat flour, almond milk, egg replacer & vegan butter to make this a vegan recipe

will i make it again? : i WILL make this bread again ; they turned out super sweet & delish. the only difference i would make would be to use a lighter honey. we used a buckwheat honey that a friend gifted to us & the flavor was a bit too 'pollen-y' for us. i would def make these again with a lighter honey.

*also, i know that some vegans dont eat honey because of the way the bees//hives//eco-sytem are treated. blake and i DO eat honey, but only from small, local bee farms. we do not support honey//farms where the bees are killed//fed sugar water//artificially inseminated. the honey we use comes from local farms that do not spray & keep a natural habitat for their bees. we also only eat RAW, unprocessed honey. AND, we feed daphne quite a bit of honey, as well.*

the cornmeal flour i used was from a local flour mill & it was so good.
do you have a favorite recipe that calls for cornmeal? we still have a HUGE bag left!