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Thursday, January 3, 2013

why i am choosing to do project life in 2013

three days into 2013.
are you feeling good?
blake & i decided to re-join a gym for the first time in years & we are lovin' it so far.
[we are more 'do hard workouts at home' people ; but i think the gym will be a great change of pace for us]

for the past few years, i have attempted [usually pretty successfully] to complete some sort of 'project 365' ; taking a photo a day for an entire year.
years ago, i use to be really into scrapbooking. there is a part of me that misses it. i love the idea of holding a 'hard copy' of your photo & then placing it somewhere where you can reference it for a really long time.
with my SLR & my iphone camera, i take a billion pictures, but never print them. they just stay on my computer.

so that is where 'project life' comes in. you can read more about it here ; but the idea is to take photos of the small things in your life ; the little things that you might not remember day after day. you use a binder with different-sized page protectors & add in anything you want.
recipes, love notes, coupons, dinner receipts, a tag from a new pair of yoga pants ; anything, really.
you add photos & journal however it works for you [full paragraphs, bullet points, ect]

blake & i are so busy right now & SO focused on paying down debt and saving for a house that sometimes we can let the little things slip past us [no way i am the only one...]. i want to remember those little things ; i want to be able to look back & smile hard, remembering the night we went for a walk and saw a bald eagle ; or the new breakfast place that serves our favorite food.

i want 2013 to be the year that i find joy in all the teeny, tiny things that are happening around me.

will you do a project like this in 2013? have you already started? any tips for me?
each week, i will be sharing my layouts, photos & products i will be using.