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Friday, January 4, 2013

fitness friday : my fitness planner & my january workouts

since its the new year ; a lot of folks [myself included] have made some health // fitness // wellness goals.
go have, right?
some folks want to lose 15 pounds, do more push-ups, try a new workout, and so on.

i was recently named a fitfluential ambassador [woo hoo!] ; so i thought it would be a great time to start 'fitness fridays'.
each friday, i will be posting something fitness-related ; new clothes, workouts, my thoughts // struggles..

today, i wanted to share my new fitness planner [which i love] and the workouts i am planning on completing this month.

we just joined the YMCA ; we have two locations super close to us & they both offer a billion classes a day [seriously, a billion]. because of our insurance ; we got a really great deal on membership ; so it was really a no-brainer for us.

also, i purchased a daily deal for 2 months at a local hot yoga studio [did you see this post ; asking for advice?] that is pretty close to our place.

i purchased this planner when we were in north carolina last week.

it is divided into 4 sections ; body [date, mood, aches&pains, weight, measurements, upcoming goals], exercise [date, activity, time, duration, notes], food [date, food, calories, other], NS reference [how to take your resting heart rate, BMI, blood pressure, cholesterol, and 100+ foods & their calories]
right now, i am using the 'body' section once a week to record my measurements & my schedule for the week & also the 'exercise' section to record my workouts & how my body is responding.
its a small, lightweight journal that i can easily bring along with me. also, i love that its spiral-bound, so the pages dont tear after its been used a while.

and what about my workouts?

[yes, i really am one of those people that plans ahead for the entire month. with three jobs & a busy schedule, having something down on paper means 'no excuses.']
the goal is to attend hot yoga 13 times this month & head to the gym another 12-13 times.

classes i want to take at the gym : body pump [a weightlifting class ; i really enjoy it], body flow [pilates & yoga put together], kickboxing, and water tabata [at least once].
along with hiking a new park we have never been to, our first time snowshoeing [tomorrow!] and a bunch of long walks with daphne.

*fitness tip : attending a new class at the gym? show up a bit early, introduce yourself to the instructor & ask if there is anything you should know or any tips.
i attended my first hot yoga class this week & my instructor was amazing ; she gave me tips on when to drink water, where to position my mat [near the door] & told me to just do my best.
creating that connection with the instructor can be very powerful.

tell us : how do you record your fitness goals // classes?