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Monday, March 11, 2013

15 awesome links from around the internet! : cool things you should be reading

happy monday, everybody!
have a good weekend?
i have a bunch of awesome links to share with you today.
food, vegan, bike, health & wellness-related [ya know, all things i love...]
lets do it!

1) beer drinker? [im not, blake is] this site has TONS [&tons] of cooking // baking recipes using BEER!

2) ever wonder what it takes to make a quarter-pound burger? [no graphic / scary images. just a few super awesome info-graphics]

3) this is an rad [&cool looking] chart to answer the question 'how long will this fruit // veggie last?'

4) as someone who is naturally independent, i *still* struggle at times with the idea of being in a long-term relationship. i almost got divorced is a great blog post.

5) one of my '101 in 1001 things' is to soak my own beans & stop buying canned beans [seriously, its easy&cheap]. here is a super-simple guide to soaking//cooking your own beans.

6) yes yes yes! why i dont buy girl scout cookies! also, here is my recipe for vegan thin mints.

7) looking for a new job? here are 5 reasons your resume will get tossed to the side. 

8) the USDA is considering adding greek yogurt into the national school lunch program. thoughts? [i think anything with more protein // less sugar is a good thing for kids, but the higher the demand, the more cows that are being artificially inseminated & mistreated][the majority of dairy cows are treated so poorly!]

9) please go look at this! 10 world landmarks reflected in BUBBLES! [so beautiful!]

10) looking to be a better blogger? 58 tips to improve your blog & dazzle your readers.

11) want to know more about CSAs? this article focuses on CSAs & small farms in the Twin Cities, but its a good read for everyone that is interested in supporting small, local farmers.

12) raising daughters while battling the 'princess' culture. i love this stuff. seriously. the sociology of princess culture fascinates me..

13) yay! the best biking infographic i have seen so far. why YOU should be biking!

14) another awesome food article ; why do so many people think they need gluten-free foods?

15) did you know i use to be a behavior therapist at an autism school? autism is still super close to my heart. scientists recently created a virtual 'game' called auti-sim & its incredible. it stimulates what it is like for a child on the spectrum to be on a playground with other children. its here.

hopefully, you have found some awesome blogs // articles from this list.
anything awesome YOU found this week? id love to read it!
see you tomorrow!