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Tuesday, March 12, 2013

beating heart baby... & why my heart rate monitor was one of the best purchases i have made.

the sun is shining here in minneapolis [its only 27*] & everybody is crossing their fingers for spring!

lets talk about heart rate monitors!
do you have one?
after not using one for a few years, i just went out & purchased a new one.
i bought this one from REI. [in white ; way cuter ;)]

i think they are great for measuring calories // fat burned DURING workouts, but i also like to wear mine for a few days in a row [usually 8am-10pm] to get a baseline on what i am *really* burning throughout the day.

see, i am pretty active.
i walk my dog for an hour in the morning [to prevent her from destroying the apartment]. i bike 5 miles to work. run around with my nanny baby all day. bike back home. walk my dog [to prevent her from destroying the apartment while we are at the gym]. head to the gym [body pump // spin // yoga // zumba // running]. take the dog for another quick stroll and head to bed.

i am 5'8 & weigh 150 pounds.
according to my HRM, between the hours of 8am-10pm [when i am wearing my monitor], i am burning 2400-3200 calories a day. [depending on which workout // length of dog walks // ect]

wearing my monitor all day really helps me be able to know HOW MUCH i should be eating during the day.
depending on the day, i usually eat 1900-2300 calories a day ; sometimes more if i have fresh baked bread // cookies in the house [duh!]

one of my biggest health // wellness hurdles has always been 'how much should i eat?' i am never sure if i am eating too much or too little.
eat too much & the scale wont budge [or go up]. eat too little & your body will go into starvation mode.
not good.
wearing my monitor has been really great. 
i get to see what my body is expending, so it is my job to re-fuel with enough calories & high-quality foods.

do you have a heart rate monitor?
anything to add? 
id love to hear your opinions!