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Wednesday, March 27, 2013

60 snacks for $99 : my review of the february healthy surprise box

lets talk about food [my fave!!]

i am a snacker [in a good way]. i eat small portions quiet a few times a day.
i find that works best for me & my body.
each morning, i start my day off with a protein smoothie, snack through lunch, and then eat a nutrient dense supper [lots of veggies + grains] and then snack again after the gym // before bed.

so, i like to snack.
what do i need?

last year, i tried out healthy surprise a couple times & was pretty happy.
so, i decided to purchase their large february box & keep my snack stash stocked at work.
[say that 3 times fast...]

do you know healthy surprise?
they are a monthly subscription box with three sizes [small, medium & large]. each and every snack is ALWAYS soy-free, gluten-free & vegan. never any bad preservatives or chemical crap. 
i love that. i can feel good about each snack & not have to do research on each & every product.

i purchased the large box for $99 [free shipping] & it holds 50-60 servings.
in the box : 

2 bags of beanitos chips [one snack sized & one full-sized] // go raw super cookies // 2 bags of apple chips // 2 brownies // 2 bags of caveman crunch // 2 pouches of savory pumpkin seeds // two bags of sea sprinkles seaweed snacks // 2 pouches [one sample & one full] of hail merry macaroons // one go raw sprouted bar // one small bag of home free chocolate chip cookies // 3 chocolate hearts [one mylk, two dark] // 2 chia bars // 3 righteously raw chocolates // 2 small pouches of hail merry graw-nola // one thats it snack bar 

*my favorite snacks are in bold*
the bean chips were really, really good. i dont care for chipotle bbq, so i assumed i wouldnt like them, but we will def buy them again.
also, anything by hail merry is delicious ; we love their products.
i didnt link to any of the companies, but if you need help with certain products // info, let me know & i will help you out.
i think that healthy surprise is a good deal for folks that want to fill their home // office // bike bag with easy, portable, tasty snacks.

connect with them : 

*disclaimer : i bought my large box with my own money. the company doesnt know who i am*